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Seriously Milestone Toddler Cards

Seriously Milestones

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Seriously Milestone Toddler Cards feature 19 cards to help you capture those parenting moments that make you want to laugh and cry.

Those real moments like 'Repeated A Swear Word', 'Today I Refused To Wear Clothes' or my favourite 'Massive Public Tantrum'.

These monochrome milestone cards compliment standard milestone cards as they do not contain similar moments.

With rounded edges and a matt laminate finish, they come packed in a 100% recycled box.

They would make a cool 1st birthday gift or Christmas gift.

Cards Include:

  • I can cut my own hair
  • I dressed myself (terribly)
  • Today I got lost
  • Today I was totally inappropriate
  • I was left alone for one minute
  • Today I drew on (-the wall - myself -left blank)
  • Today I went to the toilet... 
  • I cried because...
  • Massive public tantrum
  • Today I refused to wear clothes
  • I covered myself in (-make up -cream -flour -left blank)
  • This is why they call it Terrible 2's
  • Absolute threenager
  • I can climb out of my cot
  • I've decided I don't need a nap anymore
  • I love picking my nose (and eating boogers)
  • Ouch! Today's bumps and bruises
  • Repeated a swear word
  • My parents survived my first night in a big bed!

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