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Seriously Milestones

Parents like to capture those special moments in their children's lives. You know the ones; first tooth, first word, crawling, talking etc. Well what about those other moments that we all talk about?

Seriously Milestones have created a range on monochrome cards that are funny, honest and totally relatable. You know the ones, 'My First Poo In The Bath', 'Last Night I Woke Up Every Single Hour' and the dreaded 'Nappy Explosion'. Or the toddler edition which includes 'Massive Public Tantrum' or my favourite 'Today I Refused To Wear Clothes'. These are just of a few of the cards you will find.

These milestone cards can be used i conjunction with standard milestone cards to create a range of memories.

Seriously Milestone Cards will make a cool gift for a baby shower or newborn baby.